Lifesavers Conference – Charlotte, NC

President and founder of The Sandy Johnson Foundation, Dean Johnson, will attend the Lifesavers National Conference on Highway Safety Priorities in March 2017. This marks the sixth consecutive year Mr. Johnson has attended the Lifesavers Conference which brings together a unique combination of public health and safety professionals, researchers, advocates, practitioners and students committed to sharing best practices, research, and policy initiatives that are proven to work.

During the four day event, Dean will be meeting with other national leaders, many of whom are involved with youth participating organizations, in order to discuss the internet-based, supplemental driver’s education program, “THE HIDDEN DANGERS OF DRIVING” along with his most recent publications.

The first of those publications is “DANGER ON THE HIGHWAY” which is a guide for motorists and highway officials who are concerned about the national fatality and life-changing injury rate, and seek to do something about it. The second publication is “DRIVER CONDITIONING: THE UNEXPECTED KILLER.” This is a workbook that was written as a stand-alone version of the internet based course, The Hidden Dangers of Driving.

In addition, Dean will be meeting with other educational leaders devoted to helping teens master the challenges of driving while promoting more effective highway safety standards.

The Lifesavers Conference is the premier U.S. highway safety program dedicated to reducing the tragic toll of deaths and injuries on our nation’s roadways. Drawing over 2,000 participants in 2016, Lifesavers continues to be the must attend conference of its kind since its beginning in 1982. Each year, Lifesavers provides a forum for the presentation of proven countermeasures and initiatives that address today’s critical highway safety problems.