National Association of County Engineers (NACE) National Conference – Cincinnati, OH

The NACE National Conference has invited Dean Johnson of The Sandy Johnson Foundation: Making Our Roads Safer, to present an overview of The Sandy Johnson Foundation Highway Safety Initiative, in April 2017. This is the second time Dean has addressed County Engineers who maintain and help keep safe millions of miles of our country’s system of roadways.

The program he will be delivering was developed for the sole purpose of saving lives in a unique way. Rather than simply identifying “driver error” as the automatic cause of vehicular crashes, Mr. Johnson introduces a different method of identifying the underlying cause of a crash, and offers a new approach for the analysis and correction processes implemented at crash sites. These simple procedures empower highways officials with the ability to act in a matter of days, rather than years (which is the current standard), when addressing highway safety matters.

Developed after the tragic loss of his wife and her mother in an avoidable two car collision, the Highway Safety Initiative has proven to be a useful tool in preventing crashes at several high- accident sites. By adopting Mr. Johnson’s scientifically balanced program on a national scale, it is possible that thousands of lives could be saved annually. Only through a willingness to accept change will highway officials be fully equipped to meet the current safety challenge of zero highway deaths on our nation’s roadways.